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Case Studies

Our case studies show how MokoNet can help you get to the next generation of e-Commerce.

Click on any of the descriptions below for examples of our work. Contact Us for more information on solutions we have developed for your business needs.

Reinventing Business Over the Internet
--Real-Time Financial Information Delivery System

Client: Major Financial Information Services Company

MokoNet managed and developed the new Internet-based financial information delivery system, which was replacing a mainframe based system. The new system had to overcome problems of redundancy, reliability, scalability, load balancing, high performance, and tight security. Furthermore, a new pay-per-view e-payment system had to be developed and integrated with the company's existing fulfillment and finance systems.

Reaching Customers Through the Internet
Client: Major Diversified Medical Device Company

In addition to timely and accurate access to product information through an online catalog of more then 10, 000 items, the MokoNet IT Strategic Consulting Team recommended an "easy purchase experience" strategy through personalized customer profiles. Customers can easily reorder a product by simply clicking in the purchase order history. Customer profiles also include Internet bill presentment where customers can easily track their purchase orders, bills and payments, plus a real-time online delivery tracking system.

Constructing Customer-Centric Web Repository
Client: Global Financial Services Company

MokoNet built a worldwide customer-centric web repository system that captures, synthesizes, and stores multiple-source data in a single location. This customer web repository system provides the company with a single, integrated point of access for purchase orders, delivery, and payment history. It also offers a consolidated view of the company's worldwide business so every business unit can access a "single version of truth" in real time, which facilitate communication and collaboration.

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