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Minimizing Risks in e-Business

You've heard the Internet horror stories -- companies spending millions of dollars developing elaborate e-Commerce sites that are ultimately unprofitable; sites that crash or take too long to download, frustrating potential customers and driving them away. Insufficient Internet technology planning cost a company and its executives time, money, and reputation.

Reliable BACK-END

These problems usually occur when the BACK-END functionality is faulty. MokoNet avoids such pitfalls by defining and planning the right architecture, building a robust infrastructure, and making back-end Electronic Transactions accurate and efficient. We deliver high-quality, custom Internet solutions by integrating innovative technology, in-depth Internet experience, and a solid business sense. These solutions leverage your existing systems, creating an immediate, positive impact on your business.

Expertise in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Distributed Systems

Our solutions come from large-scale distributed computing expertise in heterogeneous environments. By leveraging your existing computing infrastructure (including network, hardware and software assets, and legacy database systems) MokoNet builds your e-Commerce applications to enable collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners on order management, online sales, supply chain management and customer service.

MokoNet's experienced professionals are dedicated to solving very complex Internet integration problems and meeting your business challenges. We can supply expertise beyond your in-house capabilities, and resources that will save you time and money. MokoNet can get your strategic Intranet/Extranet/Electronic Commerce solutions up and running quickly and efficiently.

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