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Internet Systems for Real Business

We build e-commerce and e-business solutions for real-world business purposes: increasing your sales revenue and marketshare, accelerating your cashflow, cutting your costs, making your customers happier and more dependent on you, and giving you a competitive advantage. If that's not enough, consider also that our e-commerce projects typically give you a very fast payback.

As an IBM Premier partner, we'll equip you with IBM's very powerful WebSphere technology. IBM's superb reputation, stability and commitment to Internet technology for e-commerce and e-business, and our own, stand behind the solutions we deliver. We are dedicated to achieving your business goals by developing the finest Internet solutions and solving the complex problems of integration.

MokoNet guided Standard & Poor’s with the
Launch of the Next Generation e-Commerce Site

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  MokoNet completely won our TRUST!
-- Kevin Matthews,Business Development ,Standard & Poor's, London


MokoNet can:

Minimize Risks in e-Business

Help you Get to the Next Generation of e-Commerce

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