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Case Studies

Reinventing Business Over the Internet
--Real-Time Financial Information Delivery System

Client: Major Financial Information Services Company

As the speed of business increased, one of the Major Financial Information Services Companies found that its existing financial information products, delivered in a mix of hard copy and electronic formats, were not keeping pace with its client's needs. The company was quick to identify the valuable role the Internet could play in building interactive relationships with its clients and enhancing the value of their information by increasing the frequency of its use. The company saw the Internet as a vehicle for reinventing the way it delivers financial, market, and analytical information, and expanding its business to new customers who could not be reached otherwise.

The new Internet-based financial information delivery system was replacing a mainframe based system. The new system had to overcome problems of redundancy, reliability, scalability, load balancing, high performance, and tight security. Furthermore, a new pay-per-view e-payment system had to be developed and integrated with the company's existing fulfillment and finance systems.

Partner with MokoNet:
The Company understood the complexity of this project and needed a partner that had expertise with large-scale e-Commerce projects and could guide them in the right direction. Despite the company's existing relationships with vendors including IBM, Netscape, and Oracle, it chose MokoNet to manage these entities and develop the project. MokoNet managed the entire team of over 50 developers and testers, which also included some of the company's internal IT staff. Project members were located in London, Tokyo, Singapore, and several cities in the U.S.

Due to the size and geographically dispersed locations of project members, MokoNet developed a central web repository (Project Web Site) to help facilitate sharing information, and enhance communication. The Project Web Site contained documents, project plans, and up-to-date project progress, revealing the true status to senior executive management in real-time.

With strong R&D background from IBM T.J. Watson Research and Cray Research coupled with heterogeneous distributed systems expertise, MokoNet drilled down the requirements of this highly complex e-Commerce project, and discovered the potential risks involved. Next, MokoNet identified that integration was the highest risk in the project, since multiple applications, systems, and firewalls had to be connected into one single e-Commerce solution.

This complex task was closely managed by MokoNet so that problems were identified and corrected early-on in the process. MokoNet deployed a web-based Test Case Tracking System known as TCaTS (developed by MokoNet) that enabled team members and executives to obtain real-time status in the various phases.

The new internet-based system contains more than twenty servers, including web servers, ftp servers, database servers, application servers, firewalls, and other hardware/software components. The system, architected for horizontal scaling, is geographically distributed for load balancing and high availability. The security on the system is very tight with multiple levels of firewalls and proxy servers.

Throughout the project, MokoNet Project and Risk Management team proactively managed risks, utilizing tools like Slip Charts and P4 Charts to inform management of accurate project status. This constant attention to detail kept the project on track.

With the successful launch of the system, MokoNet is assisting the company with migrating their clients from mainframe to an Internet-based system. MokoNet quickly developed a real-time Migration Tracking System (MTS) for the company's global client service team. The MTS helped identify which clients were web-ready through interactive web-readiness tests on email connectivity, Java applet, FTP.

With a strong e-Commerce presence, the company now has a global competitive edge to cultivate the direct relationship with clients and business partners, foreseeing an exponential growth of opportunities.

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