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Case Studies

Constructing Customer-Centric Web Repository

Client: Global Financial Services Company

A global financial services company depends on reliable, up-to-date customer information to conduct its sales, fulfillment, finance and customer service activities. Faced with market changes, increased competition, and alternative distribution channels like the Internet, the company recognized the need to consolidate decentralized customer information systems into a single, integrated, cross-functional web solution.

Partner with MokoNet:
The company's customer information mainly resided on multiple legacy systems. Each business unit kept its own data on a different system. Sales representatives posted sales information on one system, then fulfillment and finance took the data they needed and retyped it into other systems. Customer information in each unit was repetitive and out of sync.

The company turned to MokoNet to streamline the business processes and help link the customer information on its aging systems in each business unit so that the company could view a comprehensive picture of its relationship with each customer.

MokoNet and the managers from each business unit across the company worked together to: 1) develop a common vision for the new system; 2) streamline the business processes to resolve critical issues around collaboration and speed up the workflow; and 3) redesign the processes to support the new environment.

Next, MokoNet prototyped the system in just two months and built a worldwide customer-centric web repository system that captures, synthesizes, and stores multiple-source data in a single location. This customer web repository system provides the company with a single, integrated point of access for purchase orders, delivery, and payment history. It also offers a consolidated view of the company's worldwide business so every business unit can access a "single version of truth" in real time, which facilitate communication and collaboration.

The new web system provides the company with: 1) enhanced customer service capabilities; 2) opportunities to cultivate customer loyalty, generate repeat business, and cross-sell or up-sell; and 3) increased productivity with faster approvals from each unit manager through improved workflow.

Capturing the real-time customer information, the company can continue to develop innovative products, deliver the best quality financial services, and maintain its leadership position in the industry.

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