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MokoNet Methodology

MokoNet's methodology is built upon extensive, practical Internet experience gained from IBM, Cray Research, and Digital Equipment Corporation. It is a structured, modular methodology to define, develop, and manage mission-critical Internet projects in a highly integrated manner. We focus on Planning, Risk Management, and Quality Assurance, which helps our clients save valuable resources and provides the long-term solution.

Well-Defined Plans:

After determining the clients' business goals through our comprehensive work sessions, we plan an Internet-enabled business solution. IT Industry experts report that the success of a project may be determined just 10% of the way through the project. MokoNet's focus on "Big Picture" solution reduces the likelihood of extended schedules and increased costs, and assures enduring solutions.

Risk Management:

Intranet, Extranet, and e-Commerce Projects are inherently complex and involve the possibility of risk or loss - in the form of budget and schedule overruns. They can not succeed without active risk management. MokoNet assigns a Risk Officer to each project to monitor the "Top-10 Risks". Frequent updates quickly reveal a project's actual status, and help us and our clients manage the actual risks.

Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance is a means to controlling Intranet, Extranet, and Electronic Commerce project pitfalls which can affect development speed, development cost, and other areas. Defects can cost 50 to 200 times as much to correct the later they are detected. Moreover, low quality software increases the burden on end-user support. MokoNet Quality Assurance specialists work with clients from the requirement analysis phase. We help ensure project success by paying close attention during early stage of the development cycle in order to minimize problems later in the process.

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