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Next Generation e-COMMERCE

The ability to conduct secure business transactions on the Internet through an e-Commerce site can help you expand your market reach, increase revenue, lower operating costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The next generation of e-Comerce means more than simply having an attractive online catalog. It includes secure transactions (Back End) behind the web browser (Front End), integrated with an accounting system, ordering inventory system, and customer service system.

An e-Commerce site usually begins with product or service information, and continues with customer registration, database queries, payment handling, and finally, actual fulfillment. A full-scale e-Commerce must integrate real-time interactions with databases to offer "transactional commerce". Customer-specific information is used to guide the transactions between the company and user in real-time. Applications of transactional commerce include:

  • Order entry
  • Credit and payment processing
  • Order status reporting
  • Transaction or order confirmation and status
  • Delivery or fulfillment

These applications require the ability to merge Internet commerce with legacy systems, to translate sales leads into the main system, and to expedite transactions.

These issues present complex technical challenges. They require the expertise of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable not only in Internet technologies, but also in large-scale distributed technology in heterogeneous environments -- professionals who are dedicated to solving complex Internet integration problems leveraging your existing systems.

MokoNet's consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to meet these challenges. Our modular methodology minimizes client risk and imposes the discipline necessary for rapid application development. Unlike legacy or "cookie cutter" approaches that are ineffective in "Internet time", MokoNet's custom solutions are tailored to each company's specific needs.

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